4 Abilities of Man


4 Abilities of Man

Dr.Anek Suwanbundit, Ph.D

Man normally seeks for happiness by his instinct, however  there are many kind of prima-facie happiness that so lure and blind human beings that they lose sight of their authentic happiness which is to be enduring and enhancing the quality of life. Man in postmodernism era will has 4 abilities to push life forward with peace and humanity.

  1. Creativity (creative ability) man progresses step by step with the creative ability since primitive to modern time as civilization and forming the thought as paradigm and develop society with their ideas but today man finds crisis of his creativity-one step further many cause total destruction.
  2. Adaptivity (adaptive ability) man has ability to adapt his behavior both intrinsic and extrinsic to live with each other. To Savethe humanity from destruction by emerging as the critical mind to analysis, appreciate and apply all human creativities.
  3. Collaboration (collaborative ability) man finds out the creativity and adaptivity for the goodness is unreachable without participation. The competitive and aggressive activity will be launched by power. The man will slow down the world problem by collaboration with each others for the activities of participation, then engagement with the activities and output, finally commitment to be one force the society to be the good quality as the whole.
  4. Inquisition (inquisitive ability) dissatisfied with the level of quality of life is normally happen in human life, man yearn for ideas and faith in the life beyond. Man will find something higher than the fundamental needs to actualizing his life and answer the question ” who am I”. The good will be occur and ground the way of life to the world and man will life with sustainability and peaceful.

In postmodern era with moderate mind, man will do these 4 abilities spontaneously and the collective outcome will be make society and world village forward to have the peace finally.

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