Kirtian school of thought

Kirti Bunchua
Kirti Bunchua

Kirtian school of thought is a group of people who share common concept of philosophy founded by Professor Kirti Bunchua, Philosopher,  a member of royal society, Thailand. Founder of Doctoral Program in Philosophy and Ethics , Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.

He founded the philosophy school and established the metaphysics, discipline and hermeneutics to the  means of teaching the philosophy.  Kirti Bunchua graduated in philosophy and theology from Urbaniana University, Italy, former head of the department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts,  Chulalongkorn University, BKK, Thailand. He is an expert in the history of philosophy. When retired, he was invited to become the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Religion. Assumption University, by that time he found the philosophy concept ” The paradigm of thought”, which he has been developed continuously with new idea of postmodern philosophy in 2001 when he joined the meeting in the United States. Later,  He moved to be Dean of Faculty of Philosophy and Religion. St. John’s University and has published an article in 2004 to present Thai philosophy in view of the philosophical paradigm of thought.

“Bunchua, K. (2005). Dynamic heritage of Thais through five paradigms. In Cultural traditions and contemporary challenges in Southeast Asia, ed. Sriwarakuel, W., Dy, M.B., Haryatmok, J. Chuan, N.T., Yiheang, C. Washington, DC: Council for research in values ​​and philosophy. 267-73.”

When he became the president of the doctoral Program at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University in 2008.  He has improved the thinking in accordance with the modertate postmodern philosophy, and has researched the new concept of instincts of Aristotle’s ideas to consider the intellectual instinct for authentic happiness according to reality.  After teaching regularly and idea sharing to each other for 10 year, at the the beginning of 2015, group of philosophical teachers and tutors who share the common concept of philosophy and was his student asked together to be ground the school of thought then, ask professor Kirti Bunchua to be founder. He finally accepted position and summarized the main metaphysics and epistemology and what are the key principles that are considered through ethics?  for the question “What is philosophy?”

Professor Kirti Bunchua has defined that.

“Philosophy is subject on intellect”

Philosophy is the knowledge about the mind: its nature and activities for the internal outcome and the external outcome

Studying the philosophy of this concept is based on the paradigm of thought (Kirti 2004) [ primitive, ancient, medieval, modern and postmodern paradigm] and the instinct of being (Kirti 2013) [ stone, vegetative, gene vigilant and intellectual instinct] to create new philosophical content. And there is a non-study class. But need critical thinking of problems and find new philosophical answers for the development of quality of people in the era of Internet of Thing.

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